Starting a new practice can be exhilarating and scary at the same time. Imagine the boost in your level of comfort to “make the jump” when you have the proven experts at MD Solutions And Services by your side.

You’re a physician or medical service provider. You didn’t spend all of those years in school and training immersed in business planning. We have that expertise. We’ll show you, step-by-step, what your path will look like to get out on your own and then we’ll coach you through each step of the process.

When you talk to other providers who have put their trust in us to start their practices, you’ll likely be reassured how you will hear about our passion and attention to detail for each of our clients. Of course, the more successful each of our clients, the more colleagues they send our way.

Medical Practice

Ready... Set...GO... with MD Solutions And Services!

Have you made up your mind that private practice is the only way you can truly practice medicine and serve your patients with your standard of quality care?

Have you begun to set you mind to what that new practice would look like, how you will feel being out from under burdensome control hawks?

Or have you made the move to private practice but you need one-stop consulting assistance to make it to profitability?

That’s where we come in. We provide the “GO”.

  • GO where you’re meant to be; on your own or in a small group of providers who share your vision
  • GO with a clear plan and a consulting partner who will be with you every step of the journey
  • GO with confidence that your market has been examined and you will receive coaching on where and how to set up your practice
  • GO assistance for all the legal steps, medical and business licensing, to get you up and running
  • GO to office space that has been located for you with an attractive, negotiated lease
  • GO with experts who introduce you to proven vendors for all of your startup and ongoing needs
  • GO with assistance designing your new office
  • GO with help procuring everything you need to operate comfortably in your new space
  • GO knowing you have the expertise assisting you to get you the right EHR system, set it up and train you and your team
  • GO confident that your personal consultants will bring highly-qualified medical personnel to you for interviews, assist in hiring and provide you with ongoing human resources support
  • GO with marketing. Our specialty, medical marketing experts provide everything from naming, logo, signage, website, marketing material, and online digital strategies
  • GO surprisingly personal coaching where your team demonstrates the same passion you have for excellence and business success.
  • GO with proven medical business operating success


Before you “GO” and launch your new practice, you’ll want some quality research so you can see what your new practice will look like and how long it is estimated for profitability. As we enter into our relationship, we get that information and present it to you.

Viability Study

Viability Study

Let’s have an honest conversation about your desire to start your own practice.

  • You agree to allow us to comfortably encourage and challenge some of your assumptions as we explore, together, if the market will support your new venture
  • Location, location, location… yes, it holds true for your new practice. We’ll research options and provide our findings to you as part of our initial report
  • We’ll counsel you in what services you should provide
  • You’ll tap into our group buying service to get your supplies at discounted rates
  • We’ll paint a picture for you of estimated total operating costs; rent, personnel, equipment leases, fees- all the way down to utilities. You’ll see a clear picture of what expenses you can expect
  • Need help financing your new venture? We’ll introduce you to sources of funding who understand how you will operate as a medical provider
  • We’ll bring all legal and accounting resources to the table and we’ll serve as your management consultants
  • You’ll lean on our expertise to take care of all the paperwork to get you moving forward. From credentialing, to permits, to other licensing.
  • Ready to tell the world? Our marketing team will parachute in and provide full service.
Medical Consulting

Launch Time

You made the decision to get back to practicing medicine your way. We’ll be by your side as you start and begin to enjoy private practice.

  • We’ll not only find, negotiate and secure your new space, our expert designers will assist you with your vision for patient flow and also your personal taste in interior design
  • You won’t have to search for a construction team to up fit your space to your specifications. We’ll also bring this resource to you.
  • Leave the employee search and initial interviews to us. We’ll bring quality people to you as you build your medical support team. We’ll also assist you with human resources and your own HR Manual.
  • We know the EHR systems out there. The ones to consider and, more importantly, the ones to avoid. We understand that this can be a part of the process which can provide major headaches so let us make finding, and implementing, your new system a smooth ride.
  • Expect all of this to take months? Ask our clients. You’ll be surprised how we’ll hustle to make it happen in record time so you’re seeing patients, in your new private practice, in record time.

READY… SET… GO… All Starts With A Simple Conversation with us

Let’s have lunch so you can see, first hand, our passion for guiding you to success. It will be a privilege to meet you and, when it’s a good fit, let’s do this READY… SET… GO… together!

  • Address: 115 Blarney Road Suite 201 Columbia SC 29223
  • Columbia: (803) 917- 8329
  • Mount Pleasant: (843) 810-8835
  • Email: info@mdsands.com

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